Coaching & Education

Chad Fahey, Owner of CANINE CLARITY, offers Personal Coaching at a flat rate and Assessments at an hourly rate.


Chad offers education and coaching that will help solve your specific concerns! Chad personally coaches you and your family on how to change behaviors in order to improve and benefit your lifestyle, no matter what your situation or background.  

Have a new dog or puppy?

Sign up for a personal coaching session so you can start off on the right foot with your new family member!

Are you experiencing  any of the following?

Difficult to Walk   Destructive Chewing   Excessive Barking   Growling   Showing Aggression   Anxiety   

Fearfulness   Biting/Mounting   Digging   Jumping   Obsessive Behaviors   Licking/Scratching   Begging

Chad works with you to determine what behaviors you would like to improve on and the steps you can take to achieve your goals. Positive, informative and incredibly beneficial!

Email Chad directly at 608-235-2793 or email to! Chad can help with ANY dog problem!