Daily Enrichment Daycare

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Dogs over 6 months must be spayed or neutered to participate in daycare

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Providing exercise and socialization on a regular basis is a great way to give your dog a long and healthy life.

Do you want your dog tired and content after a long day at work? A balanced dog helps create a relaxed and positive environment within your home.

Here at Charlie’s, we know that every dog has different needs! Whether you simply use us once in a while or every single day – doggie daycare can bring balance and bliss into your life! We guarantee you’ll see a difference!

Getting to know you…

Our Bark Park staff are experts when it comes to introductions! Dogs who are new to daycare will go with a small group of compatible dogs. Newer dogs are carefully observed and guided during the first several days of attendance.

Group Play Evaluations are done Monday through Friday. Evaluations and assessments are scheduled 11:00am and generally take a couple of hours. After the evaluation is completed we will contact you so you can pick up your pup!  If your dog passes our evaluation, then they are welcome to stay the rest of the day for the price of a half day of daycare.


ARRIVAL  To get the most out of our daycare service, we ask that you bring your dog before Noon! Daycare is available Monday through Saturday.

HALF DAYS   Four hours of play or less. We do not offer discounted package rates for Half Days.

FULL DAYS   Playtime over four hours is considered a Full Day. Packages are available for dogs who attend on a regular basis.

PACKAGES expire SIX MONTHS from date of purchase. Package credits can be used interchangeably among dogs within the same family. It can be transferred to another person however package credits are non-refundable

Package credits can not be used for extra playtime during Overnight Boarding.

LUNCH   Some dogs like to have lunch! If you have a growing puppy, pack your dog a treat or lunch and we will serve it to them during break time!

BREAKS  Some dogs need breaks throughout the day. Over stimulated dogs will be provided a break so they can rest and re-focus. Consider purchasing a Ranchers Roll or a Snack-Pack from Charlie's Cafe if your dog needs occassional breaks!


The best way for us to make you and your dogs experience positive is with honest and open communication. We feel it’s important to promptly discuss and resolve any health or behavioral concerns that arise. We have an incident and record keeping system that allows us to monitor and track behaviror, issues or concerns - whether it is something we are seeing while your dog is here, or if it's something you notice once you get home.  Please do not wait to contact us if you feel an issue might need to be discussed. The sooner we can raise awareness, the better we will be able to understand, explain or start to monitor whatever it is that is being escalated.

TREATS   All dogs are given treats once in a while, so please indicate to us if your dog has any special dietary requirements or allergies. We make every attempt to ensure your dog does not consume treats that they may have sensitivity to.

BIRTHDAY COMING UP? Feel free to bring in treats to share with your doggie's fur-iends! Let us know so if it's your birthday week so we can give you a special birthday bandana and snack pack! 

DAY BOARDING  We offer Day Board services for pet parents who do not wish to have thier dog in the pack! You may choose to day board for a number of reasons. After surgery when your dog needs some extra monitoring, or perhaps your dog can't particpate in the pack because of a behavior issue or not being altered.

Dayboard is $25/day per dog. Multiple dog discounts do not apply.

Consider adding a Guided Walk, Cafe Treat or an Enrichment Session for your special pup!