Doggie Daycare

We know your pooch is gonna love it - so your first day is FREE!

Dogs over 6 months must be spayed or neutered to participate in daycare

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Providing exercise and socialization on a regular basis is a great way to give your dog a long and healthy life.

Do you want your dog tired and content after a long day at work? A balanced dog helps create a relaxed and positive environment within your home.

Here at Charlie’s, we know that every dog has different needs! Whether you simply use us once in a while or every single day – doggie daycare can bring balance and bliss into your life! We guarantee you’ll see a difference!

Getting to know you…

Our Bark Park staff are experts when it comes to introductions! Dogs who are new to daycare will go with a small group of compatible dogs. Newer dogs are carefully observed and guided during the first several days of attendance.

We provide honest feedback – and we feel it’s important to promptly discuss and resolve any health or behavioral concerns that arise. 

Sometimes we don't get a chance to talk with you as much as we'd like - so speak up! Ask questions! We are happy to sit down with you or have a telephone call about your pooch! If you get home and have questions, call us back! The best way for us to make you and your dogs experience positive is with honest and open communication.

Your loved one deserves to have a rewarding life - balanced with work, play and rest – just like you!

The fine print...

ARRIVAL   Dogs using our daycare service should arrive before 10:00am. Daycare is available Monday through Saturday.

HALF DAYS   Four hours of play or less. We do not offer discounted package rates for Half Days.

FULL DAYS   Playtime over four hours is considered a Full Day. You can pay by the day, or purchase a package for a cheaper daily rate.

PACKAGES expire one year from purchase date and can be used interchangeably among dogs within the same family. It can be transferred to another person however package credits are non-refundable. 

Month-to-Month subscriptions require a valid credit card to be on file, and will be billed on the first of each month. You can use your CBP account to update credit card information or to cancel your subscription. 

Package credits can not be used for extra playtime during Overnight Boarding.

LUNCH   Some dogs like to have lunch! If you have a growing puppy, pack your dog a treat or lunch and we will serve it to them during break time!

BREAKS  Some dogs need breaks throughout the day. Over stimulated dogs will be provided a break so they can rest and re-focus. Consider purchasing a Ranchers Roll or a Snack-Pack from Charlie's Cafe if your dog needs occassional breaks!

TREATS   All dogs are given treats once in a while, so please indicate to us if your dog has any special dietary requirements or allergies.

BIRTHDAY COMING UP? Feel free to bring in treats to share with your doggie's fur-iends! Let us know so if it's your birthday week so we can give you a special birthday bandana!