Overnight Care

Offered at both locations!

We provide clean, comfortable rooms, playtime and personal care for your loved one!


Amenities include:

* Free bath after 7 day stay

* Group play & social time – 2x per day

* Multiple dog discount

* 10% off bath or nail trim

* add Full Daycare for only $14/day

Standard Rooms

Our Standard Rooms are professional grade enclosures with sealed privacy panels between each room. They range from 3'x5' to 4'x6' in size and have a stainless steel front with a water bowl in each room. Bring your own bedding or we can provide it for you!

Private Suites & Family Rooms

Our Suites are a bit more spacious and private, ranging from 5'x5' and 6'x6' in size. All Suites are furnished with a raised bed in a home-like environment. We will add cozy bedding if you choose not to bring your own! 

Outside Play Time included

Boarding guests enjoy two sessions of outside potty and play time.

If your dog is spayed or neutered or under 6 months of age, they are eligible for GROUP PLAY!  Group Play Sessions are approximately 60 minutes long in the morning and 30 minutes after dinner.

If your dog is not altered, private outside time is included. Additional private care sessions and one-on-one play time is available if you'd like to make your dogs stay more enjoyable!

Give your pup EXTRA PLAYTIME! 

Would you like your dog to participate in Daycare activities through-out the day, while they are boarding with us? Adding daycare provides your dog additional exercise and social stimulation! Your best friend will be tired out so they can relax and sleep well through the night! 

Ask about extra playtime when you make your reservation!

$14 for a full day  - which provides 6 hours of play between 9am and 3pm
Full Day playtime is available Monday - Saturday

$10 for a half day - 3 hours of play between 9am and Noon
Half Day playtime is available Monday-Saturday

Half Day on Sunday is between 9am-11am (limited to 2 hrs)

Administering Medication

We administer most oral medications at no additional charge to you. We charge $1/per application for medical care that requires an application, such as eye drops, ear ointment or other topical medications that need to be applied. Please be sure to include this in your budget when you are booking a reservation with us. You can give us this information when you book your reservation or simply let us know at check-in. 

What should I expect during my first visit?

Prior to your first Overnight Visit - you should have completed a Client & Pet Services Agreement and provided us with a copy of vaccinations from your veterinarian. If your pet is going to participate in Group Play, a Group Play Questionnaire should also be completed.

We look forward to welcoming you and your pet when you come in for your visit! Please allow for extra time when you drop off, so we can be sure to go through all of your care instructions and questions that we might have for you!

Once your pet is checked in, they first get to explore our outside yards! This helps them get comfortable with our surroundings and outdoor play space before heading to their room.

Then, they will be escorted to their room which has bedding and belongings waiting for them. Fresh water and treats are provided throughout the day, every day!

We offer fun activities during their stay and you can call anytime to see how your loved one is doing!  Email picture updates are available as an added service!

Our included housekeeping and laundry services will keep your pet's room fresh and clean all day long. Room service is given throughout the day supplying your pet with everything they (and you) ask for, including fresh water and treats!

Guests staying over two nights will receive a report card to let their family know how their visit was. Please take some time to review the information we provide you, as we indicate how they ate, slept and spend their play time - so you know if you need to adjust anything for your next stay!

Welcome Home

Your pet will be very excited to see you and your family when you pick him/her up. To ensure a happy and safe homecoming reunion, we recommend the following do’s and dont's:

  1. DO NOT give food and/or water for ONE HOUR after arrival home. Your pet has had water in front of him/her at all times during their stay, while in playtime and in thier room. Eating and drinking while your pet is excited can cause vomiting, diarrhea, or bloat.
  2. DO exercise your pet outside on return for a longer period of time. The excitement of being in his/her own yard may cause him/her to eliminate more frequently.
  3. Your pet will be tired. He/she probably did more barking (talking), had more physical activity, and for our first timers they may have felt a little anxious. Like you after a vacation, it takes a day or two for your pet to readjust back into their routine and to feel rested.

Have questions? We want you to know how your dogs stay went! You might have questions after you get home, so please don't hesistate to call us! We have detailed records of the care we provided during your loved ones stay and would be happy to review with you! open communication = happy pups!

What SHOULD I bring?

Dog Food

We encourage you to bring your own food or meals. This helps reduce stress and potential digestive issues that new food can temporarily cause. We also have plenty of space to store food that needs to be refrigerated or frozen!

If you prefer not to bring your own food - we will be happy to provide nutritional dry kibble (chicken recipe with no soy, corn or wheat), according to your serving instructions, at no additional charge!

Leash & Collar

Keep your dog on their collar and leash when you come to drop off. We will take it, store it, and use it to bring your pooch back up at check out!

What else can I bring?

If your dog has a special item that will make his/her stay more comfortable, feel free to bring it with!

Please do not bring valuable items or bedding. Dogs may have a tendency to chew or eliminate on bedding simply by being in an environment away from home. We want to be sure all items are kept clean and in good condition as much as possible!

Charlie’s Bark Park is not responsible, nor reimburses, for personal items (including leashes/collars) that are lost, chewed or damaged during your dogs stay. 

Help us get all of your items back to you:

  • Label all items with your pet's name.
  • Check your belongings when you pick up your pet.


Please consider bringing small, washable bedding to help us keep their room dry and clean during the sleepover!

We have raised cots (Kuranda Bed) available for only $5 if you choose a Standard Room. (included with suites)

Dogs may come in from playtime a little dirty or stinky - or they may like to play in their water dish! We wash your personal bedding from time to time, therefore items that can be laundered in a washer and dryer are always appreciated!

Treats & Chews
Feel free to provide your own treats, bones or chews. We are happy to give them to your dog when requested. Kibble and treat dispensers are also welcome!  Keeps ‘em busy!

While we have treats and chews available to purchase in our lobby, complimentary biscuits after playtime are always included!

If you don't see it on here - don't hesitate to ask! We will try to do our best to accommodate!